QEI is the oldest and most experienced U. S. based supplier of SCADA systems for Electric Distribution Utilities. QEI’s TDMS-Plus Master Station software and Sentinel-21 Substation Automation products satisfy the rigorous requirements of electric utilities meeting the challenges of efficient and reliable power distribution, deregulation, and the new NERC security requirements. 

    Mission Critical Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition 
    A Virus-Immune and Hack-Proof Central Database 
    Extensive Libraries of Industry Standard and Legacy Communication Protocols 
    Windows-based Full Graphic Displays and Multiple Zone Password Security 
    Secure Alarm Processing and Sequence of Events Time Stamping 
    Automated Load Management and Power Factor Correction 
    Historical Data Collection and Load Forecasting 
    Realtime Publishing of Live & Historical Data to Corporate Relational Databases

QEI assembles customized systems to meet each user’s specific operational requirements with versatile Master Station software products and rugged, programmable Substation products that have been developed over five decades, building each generation with experience gained from the preceding.

QEI is small enough to have a keen interest in each customer’s satisfaction, and we have full engineering, training, and field services to support your system from inception to completion. All of QEI’s product development, engineering, project management, manufacturing, testing, and support services are ISO 9001:2008 certified. You can operate a QEI SCADA system with confidence.

Contact us to request more information, or call: 973.379.7400
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