Have Legacy RTUs?  

RTU Upgrade Tech Bulletin.pdf

Hathaway RTU Upgrade Tech Bulletin.pdf

Deterred by the High Cost of Complete Replacement?  

Many utilities have a large installed base of older technology RTUs, and are concerned about their options due to:  

• Uncertainty over product obsolescence
• Limited or non-existent support
• Impending loss of workforce experience
• Large I/O point counts and wiring terminations
• Inability to utilize modern, open protocols
• Unable to take advantage of IP based networks
• Narrowed Cyber Security and Smart Grid capabilities  

A Cost-Effective Migration Solution  

A modern and modular RTU platform which is plug-compatible with your existing I/O hardware and wiring will save your investment in installation, wiring, training and spares, yet permit you to use the very latest protocols, communications technology, IED interfaces,  local HMI and NERC/NIST cyber security solutions.   

Using RTU specific termination board adapters, the existing wiring terminations remain undisturbed, while the main processor components are replaced.  Field labor, engineering and equipment costs are avoided, new modern functionality achieved, and you can worry about bigger problems. 

legacy RTU upgrade

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