Distributed Remote Terminal Unit Series 

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DRT Distributed Remote Terminals are companion products to the STN series and are intended for distributed control and monitoring in critical environments where a false operation is unacceptable. The units are housed in small wall-mounting outdoor enclosures, with a fixed point count discreet I/O hardware interface to the utility’s field wiring. DRT central processors use the same operating system as the ePAQ and STN series 6CPP6 processor, and are configured with the QEI’s same interactive, Windows based, ConfigWiz-Plus® program.  



The DRT-9060 Distributed Remote Terminal uses a 6ACP5 Alternating Current Panel processor to monitor 3-phase AC voltages and currents, detect fault currents and derive 3-phase power values (KW, KVAR, VA, PF).

• Library of Server & IED Client protocols
• Ethernet, RS232, RS485 and 202T interfaces
• Windows-based ConfigWiz-Plus® Software
• Measures 3-phase AC current & voltage inputs from standard   Line-Post Sensors
• Detects fault currents and derives 3-phase power values (KW, KVAR, VA, PF)
• Optional 3-phase current & potential transformer interfaces
• 8ea status/accumulator inputs, 2ea dc analog inputs, 6ea control relays
• Wall-Mounting Outdoor Enclosure  


DRT-9070 Distributed Remote Terminal


The DRT-9070 Distributed Remote Terminal uses a 6DIO I/O processor to provides secure control and status monitoring at distributed locations where false operations are not acceptable

•  Library of Server & IED Client protocols
•  Ethernet, RS232, RS485 and 202T interfaces
•  Windows-based ConfigWiz-Plus® Software
•  24 ea status/accumulator inputs, 6 ea control relays
•  Wall-Mounting Outdoor Enclosure


DIO-9100 & DIO-9110 Distributed Input/Output

The New DIO-9100 is the latest product for the Sentinel 21 family of gateways and remote devices. Housed in a 19” rack 2U form factor enclosure, the DIO-9100 is equipped for both hardwired and IED I/O. The DIO-9110 even has analog input capability for supporting transducer monitoring.

The new DIO-9100 features:

  • 3 control points (2 momentary or 1 latching relay each)
  • 16 status or accumulator inputs. (12 Status inputs if analog inputs are desired)
  • 1 msec sequence of events time tagging for status inputs
  • DNP3 server (to Master station) and, modbus client (to IED or PLCs) communications protocols
  • RS-232, RS-485 and fiber optic serial data ports
  • Twisted pair and fiber optic Ethernet ports
  • Irig-B time synchronization (BNC, RS 485, fiber optic)
  • LED indicators for status values, control relay status, and com port activity
  • 24,48,130 VDC or 120,230 VAC powered

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